Battlax BT45

Battlax BT45

Model: Battlax BT45
Graphic / Color:
Front: 100/90-16 M/C 54H 100/80-17 M/C 52H 110/70-17 M/C 54H 110/80-17 M/C 57H 120/70-17 M/C 58H 90/90-18 M/C 51H 100/90-18 M/C 56H 3.50-18 M/C 56H 3.25-19 M/C 54H 90/90-21 M/C 54H Rear: 130/90-16 M/C 67H 110/90-17 M/C 60H 120/80-17 M/C 61H 130/70-17 M/C 62H 130/80-17 M/C 65H 140/70-17 M/C 66H 150/70-17 M/C 69H 110/80-18 M/C 58H 110/90-18 M/C 61H 120/80-18 M/C 62H 130/70-18 M/C 63H 140/70-18 M/C 67H 150/70-18 M/C 70H 4.00-18 M/C 64H


Product description:

•Battlax BT-45 rear contains Dual Tread Compound (DTC). The center compound secures long mileage and durability, while the tread edge compound secures grip and traction in corners. Also, Battlax BT-45 compound contains Silica for additional wet performance.

•The newly developed zigzag center grooves promise high speed stability. The smaller, directional grooves in front tire effectively remove water for wet performance.

•Designed with CTDM, the unique sidewall profiles of Battlax BT-45 give high speed stability and riding comfort by cushion effect The large crown radius also contributes to the stability in high speed touring.