Battlax SC2 Rain (Radial)

Battlax SC2 Rain (Radial)

Model: Battlax SC2 Rain (Radial)
Graphic / Color:
Front: 120/70R15 M/C 56H Rear: 160/60R14 M/C 65H 160/60R15 M/C 67H


3LC: Only 160/60R15
HTSPC: All rear tires
MS-BELT: All rear tires
SILICA RICH EX: All rear tires

Product description:

The BATTLAX SCOOTER SC2 Rain supports your everyday riding from the ground up

The BATTLAX SCOOTER SC2 Rain is for people who use their big scooters in all kinds of conditions. A high-quality tire for big scooters that allows them to be ridden easily and with confidence even during sudden changes in the weather.