Gritty ED03 / ED04

Gritty ED03 / ED04

Model: Gritty ED03 / ED04
Graphic / Color:
Front (ED-03): 2.75-21 45P 3.00-21 51P Rear (ED-04): 4.10-18 59P 4.60-18 63P 120/90-18 M/C 65P


Product description:

•Motocross hard compound — The off-road hard compound means incredible grip performance in Enduro races. Suitability of patterns to road surfaces (front/rear)

•Motocross block pattern — The block pattern is directly descended from motocross. Both on-road and off-road tire elements have been optimized so you can ride on public roads too.

•Polyester ply — Superb off-road cushioning is guaranteed by the polyester ply used in the tire construction. The bead filler has also been optimized to get the right lateral rigidity when
riding with low tire pressure, such as in Enduro races.